Why Branding Matters?

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In a world full of screens we are exposed to hundreds of brands a day. Brands are integral to how we live our lives, we use them to portray our own tastes and personality with some of us using brands to portray wealth and others using brands to portray humbleness, There is a brand for every personality. So why are we so obsessed with branding? Companies use branding to make choosing a product easier. Branding is a tool in society that helps us make decisions and also portray our own personality. Brands like Levis jeans are masters of this by creating a brand that boasts durability while also portraying a cool and trendy persona.

Your brand is the face of your company and it is usually what people see first. This effect is most notable in the fast food business. Where small family run restaurants may make high quality food, they won’t be as busy as Mcdonalds. This is because through branding and advertising people know what to expect from Mcdonalds and will choose to eat there as opposed to taking a risk with the family owned place. But it’s not just the food industry where this is prevalent it is noticeable in every area of the modern world. Why take a risk on a new chinese phone company when you could get an Iphone? The chinese phone might be better in every way but it’s the “might” that makes people uneasy, where as people know what to expect from the Iphone because we are familiar with what the product is through its branding.

The most important aspect when it comes to the creation of a brand is understanding who will buy your product and where with in the market your brand will sit most comfortably. The most common demographic is the main streamer, This demographic is defined by popular culture and social norms and they tend to focus on family as opposed to cultural exploration or improving their status in society. The  mainstreamer responds best to design that is familiar and that conveys feelings security, emotional warmth and reassurance. A Lot of cleaning products use this technique with all most all of them promising long lasting and powerful cleaning capabilities all while emphasizing the aspect of home use and how it aids family life.
If you can figure out your demographic then 50% of the work is already done.

Where as a lot of small business owners don’t want to put a lot of time or money on the development of their brand in the long term their business will struggle because their brands will feel cheap and superficial and not help the customer when it comes to choosing your business. If your brand is consistent and well thought out it will make the customer have an easier time making there mind up about your business. An example of this is the new restaurant franchise Pizza & co. Their shops are usually situated close to basic run of the mill takeaways but Pizza & co dominates because they have manages to package, brand and market classic take away food properly. The consistent branding both in the shop and on the packaging makes the customer feel assured and comfortable.

Branding is the face and personality of your business and should not be seen as a secondary process. If you take your time and look at the brands around you, you will be rewarded with having a brand that talks to your customers and will give your business the image it deserves.
Nicholas Ind from Equilibrium a business consulting company says

“The primary function of brands is to reduce our anxiety in making choices. The more we sense we know about the product, the less anxious we feel”

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